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DJ Uplighting Packages – What is uplighting?

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DJ Uplighting Packages - What Is Uplighting?

We have Charlotte DJ Uplighting Packages available for your event. Nothing looks quite as elegant as a room decorated completely with professional uplighting.

Uplighting is a new trend in wedding decorations for venues that can also be provided by Boss Playa Productions DJs as an add-on to any event package.


So, What is uplighting?

Uplighting is done by placing a typical stage-light on the floor and pointing it vertically up the wall or fixture so that it shines a decorative pillar of light in any color of choice. In doing so, this adds ambiance to the event by accenting the décor at the venue. It also adds energy and vibrancy to photos taken!

One of the biggest advantages of using uplights is that it will be in every picture your photographer takes as well.

Here are some benefits of uplighting

  • Creates a dramatic setting
  • Transforms your venue
  • Adds elegance to the decor
  • Adds more awe to photos
  • Adds ambiance to the music
  • Gets your guests in the mood to dance the night away 


Orange Uplighting at farm wedding venue

DJ Uplighting Packages is the most affordable way to decorate any venue while adding elegance to your Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception, Prom or Birthday Party.

Before buying expensive flowers, place settings, or other types of decorations, add the elegance of uplighting to your wedding. Uplights not only work well during the entire event, they also make your flowers and decorations shine throughout the evening.


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Boss Playa Productions offer two types of DJ uplighting packages:




DIY uplighting

The DIY uplighting package allows you to rent the lights you need at an affordable price and decorate the venue exactly how you see fit.





 Intelligent Uplighting

The professional “intelligent” uplighting package is set up and run by the DJ and gives you a wide range of color choices and even the option to fade to different colors or incorporate the uplighting with the dance floor lighting to take your wedding reception or party to the next level.



Whether you want the DIY or the intelligent up-lighting just remember that disc jockeys do more than press play, they can set the mood of your entire event!

Ready to add uplighting to your event or have questions? Contact us today!

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