Wedding DJ Pricing - Prepare or Beware of the Horrible DJ

Before hiring a Wedding DJ, watch this video first

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Before hiring a Wedding DJ, watch this video first

DJ-Creativity spins the tunes at Mckenzie and Seth's Wedding reception at University Hilton Charlotte

Although wedding DJ pricing is a very important factor in making a decision to book a DJ, it is equally important to "getting what you pay for".

- DJ Creativity

A professional DJ should ALWAYS customize the event to the personality of the client and their guests. The DJ knows that he/she's not there to show off their scratching or beat juggling skills. A good DJ will know how to add their own style and flavor to put the night together musically. It's all about the client that booked you and their guests, so all appropriate song requests or ‘do-not-plays’ song should always be honored. At the end of the night, the client and guests will be begging for more as they are happy to spread the word on how awesome the DJ was.


BEWARE of hiring a Wedding DJ based on price alone. In the video below, Boss Playa Productions will show you why it's important to do more research than just wedding DJ pricing on a DJ or DJ service before hiring.

Having the right wedding DJ is very important when it comes to the flow and overall feel of your wedding celebration. That’s why it’s important to make sure you do your research and choose wisely. This morning, we had a moment to sit down over a cup of coffee and chat with our Pro DJ, DJ Creativity. He was eagerly helpful in sharing his expert advice with us. With 30 years of experience behind the turntables, DJ Creativity knows a thing or two about what to look for when you’re searching for the perfect wedding DJ.

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DJ On The Microphone

When you're offered a quote, simply ask what you will be getting for the price. The DJ should be able to articulate the details of the package regarding the quote that was offered. Before making a final decision on booking your upcoming event, move forward with the next series of questions in the post below. It's just like an employer conducting an interview with a potential employee. No matter what credentials or skill the candidate possesses, the employer will ask a series of questions before determining whether the candidate would be a good fit for the company.

The same scenario applies to you as the purchaser. Technically, YOU are the employer. The DJ you hire will be your employee for your event and you want to make sure he's the right disc jockey for the job. Once the DJ or DJ company earns your trust by thoroughly answering those questions, all that's left to do is determine whether or not the DJ would be a good fit for your wedding, birthday party, prom, corporate event, etc. 

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Wedding DJ Questions - Boss Playa Productions


One last thing to remember, DJ Creativity added. "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!". You'll be better off finding and spending more money on a professional DJ who wants to get to know you and learn necessary details about your event. A DJ who cares about you. And most of all, a DJ who WANTS to stay in contact with you than a DJ who offers ridiculously low price with unlimited hours, lighting & photo booths.

Plan on spending about $1200 to $1500 average on a professional wedding DJ in the Charlotte area.Plan on spending about $400 to $800 for any other event depending on the venue and location, number of guests expected, etc. This could be more, but if you go much lower than this price you are sacrificing the quality of DJ service for an important event. Once the wedding or other event is over, you can’t get that quality back. The DJ can make or break your event.  A good DJ not only sees the entire room and energy of the crowd but controls it. Find someone you connect with who actually cares that your event is a complete success without a flaw.

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Got questions? We got answers. Get in touch with us to find out more about pricing options, date availability or book your event with us.