Wedding Ideas & Tips

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Getting married? Take an in depth look at these wedding ideas & tips; a brides guide to planning an outdoor wedding that she would absolutely love.


See what Southern details or traditions you can include in your celebration? What can be Southern about your wedding? This lovely couple had a chance to embrace all the beautiful country scenery that Sparta, NC has to offer. They had a traditional church ceremony outside and couldn’t wait to enjoy all the loveliness of a Southeastern summer countryside atmosphere. The weather played in Their favor and they had a gorgeous day. With a few tents up for shade, the wedding guests were treated to a wonderful “backyard” reception. The signature drink, the Tipsy Arnold Palmer, was a huge hit with our guests. It combined lemonade and sweet tea vodka. The food was an explosion of good Southern barbecue. They had fried fish, brisket, pork barbecue, sweet potato mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, cornbread, and all the fixin’s.